Hempfest Cup Oct 11 & 12 Calgary

How does it Work?

Each application is for one product/ cultivar/ strain. You can enter one (1) product in up to four (4) categories, per product/ cultivar/ strain.  If you have multiple products that you want to enter which are in the same category, simply select more entries in the form below after selecting your entry type (home grower, patient or business).

Each product will go through professional testing with Keystone Labs for cannabinoid profiles and to ensure it meets the same requirements that licence holders have to meet.

Who can Join?

Any Canadian Citizen that can legally grow Cannabis can participate. Some are limited to 4 plants, some have ACMPR or MMAR/MMPR grows. We are welcoming Micro Cultivators, Licenced Producers and everyone else licenced under the Cannabis Act in Canada. We want to see it all -Show us what you’ve got!



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