Lucky Leaf Expo Houston NOV 6 – 7, 2020

Friday & Saturday, 10AM – 5PM
NRG Convention Center

The Lucky Leaf Expo will be Nov. 6-7, 2020, in Houston at the NRG Center. More than 120 exhibitors, 100+ speakers, numerous education panels, parties and more! Join us on the last stop of our Texas Triangle Tour: after Dallas and Austin, here comes Houston!

Texas is big. Cannabis is big. Hemp is big. And this expo is a big deal. We know a thing or two about how to handle that.

We built this expo with one thing in mind: it’s to have everything you need to grow your business—suppliers, mechanicals, attorneys, growers, distilleries, lighting companies. Get acquainted with edibles, laws, the agriculture process and so much more.

Another thing to be psyched about? This expo is the only one in the region that covers cannabis AND hemp. So you’ll have access to more products, more knowledge and a larger network. It’s a one-stop event, and we invite you to experience it.

Our expo is designed for businesses, investors or anyone who wants to know more about the cannabis and hemp industry.

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Hemp Museum

Learn the roots of hemp agriculture and manufacturing, healing with cannabinoids and more. We are growing our Hemp Museum one authentic piece of history at a time. The Hemp Museum travels to each Lucky Leaf Expo for attendees to dig deep into the history and culture of the transformative plant. Learn more about the science and industry of cannabis and how we got here today.

Thursday Pre-Show
Crash Course

A Cannabinologer™ is a trained expert in the field of cannabinoids, their proper use, effectiveness, dosing & appropriate recommendations. You will learn the science and medicine plus a hands-on demonstration of cannabis cultivation and cloning, just to list only a few items of the training.

The training is designed exclusively for retail staff in the cannabis industry, health care providers and people looking to get into the cannabis, CBD or hemp-growing business.

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