White Fire OG

Diesel, musky, pine

White Fire OG
Sativa Dom THC: 22-28% CBD: <1%

White Fire OG (also referred to as WiFi OG) is a 60% Sativa dominant hybrid strain. This strain is a cross between male The White plant and female Fire OG Kush. Known for its unique look, this strain features milky white crystal White-Fire-OGtrichomes splattered interviewing between harlequin green curled buds with sporadic bundles of burnt orange pistils. WiFi OG offers a cerebral high, lending aid to those who need a clear mind to focus and an abundance of energy. The scent is very bitter, with slight hints of diesel fuel, musky earth, and pine. This strain is reminiscent of a winter day with snowflakes coating a fir tree. The White Fire OG isn’t just a pretty sight though, it has a high potency that experienced users will adore.
For recreational users, this strain can help with creative and social activities. This strain is also great for feeling sexual energy that will keep the “fire” going all night. With high levels of THC, this strain is a powerhouse for addressing medical issues such as musculoskeletal pain conditions that range from sciatica, inflammation, back pain, ligament sprains, muscle spasms and degenerative disc disease.
The Fire OG strain provides a boost of euphoria that helps with social phobia, anxiety disorder, and Adust ADHD. If you’re looking for a great way to unwind, White Fire OG can have a highly sedative effect. Beginners should toke lightly as this is a very potent strain.

Specification: White Fire OG


THC: 22-28% CBD: <1%




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