Trying Cannabis for the First Time

People have been using cannabis for thousands of years as medicine and it was prohibited in North America in the earlier part of the nineteenth century. It was still grown and could be accessed illegally and remained popular with musicians, artists and others. Over the years, cannabis growers have worked on breeding the plant and changing its potency.

People that wanted to get ‘high’, wanted it stronger and cbd didn’t seem to have much purpose. Plants were bred to have higher percentages of thc and lower cbd, so the psychotropic effects would be more intense. CBD is said to have an adverse effect to thc, that may provide some anxiety relief. Back in the 80’s, the weed that was around was much lower in thc content, apparently under 5% thc, which is different than the strains that are available from 20-30% today. Hashish that was more concentrated was popular with seasoned smokers.

As a first time user, a lower blend product with thc and cbd would be the choice I would make for someone that hasn’t tried it before. If its flower, because there is some very strong thc potency in bud available now. Its legal here in Canada, so you can always buy something stronger later. If you start slow with a puff or two, wait 15 mins or so and see how you feel. You can always have more. Finding your comfort level is what is important, no one wants an uncomfortable or bad experience and over indulging could lead to being overwhelmed with it. You can compare content and terpenes on the pages for both medical and recreational.

People that have used cannabis in the past may also have a different reaction than what they remember from years prior, that happened to myself, as well as others I know after it was legalized. There are a lot of different strains, on top of different content, there are hybrids, indicas and sativa. Cannabis also has different terpene blends, which may offer you a different effects. That is the beauty with it being legal, you get to know about the product and whats in it, as opposed to buying a baggy that you don’t know where it comes from, whats in it or how strong it is.

Products that are inhaled will have a faster onset than products that are ingested. Canada has set limits on how much thc may be allowed in edibles, the effects won’t hit you as fast and may last longer. Knowing the concentration is good so you can get a gage of how much affects you. Everyone is going to have a different experience with their own body weight and metabolism. For people that have never tried it, the key is, don’t get impatient and over indulge. The idea is to enjoy it!

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