Visiting an Ontario Cannabis Retailer


Today, my friend and I visited our first legal cannabis retail store.

Back in the day, we would discreetly purchase, then hide our little plastic baggies of pot or tin foil covered hash. Now, here I am, decades later, entering a beautifully appointed legal Pot Shop, located in a strip Mall anchored by an LCBO and nestled between a Chapters and a Pita Pit!

The shop we decided to visit was Tweed, owned by Canopy. All of the windows were what looked to be frosted. What was different as you walked through the frost coloured door was the young man sitting behind a desk in a reception area, wearing the trendy black branded tee like all of the employees. As we entered, he looked attentive and asked for our ID. This is policy he informed us and that we would be asked again inside at point of purchase.

AGCO guide stipulates, ” request identification of anyone who looks under 25 years old and be satisfied the person is at least 19 years of age prior to allowing them to enter the store. ” Unfortunately those days have passed for myself personally but he wanted the ID anyways.

The retail area felt welcoming, bright track lighting on the ceiling and an open spacious room await. Inviting you in, a comfortable looking sitting area with stylish furnishings, glass case display shelves and stand up counters with bud jars. The rows of containers held a decent piece of weed for you to slide open and sniff the aroma of the different strains of weed. Around the perimeter, glass display cases house all kinds of delivery methods, from high tech bongs, to small pipes, and also very swanky carrying cases for all of your gear.


Within the first few minutes I was approached twice by floor staff that appeared to be carrying tablets. They may have been ready to take orders, or answer questions, but I was too busy perusing the products out on display to decide what I wanted to purchase. The layout was elegant, and the staff informative.

When I was ready to speak with a tablet carrying associate, it was a wealth of information… it contained a variety of products available to me, along with pricing. What was helpful was the knowledge of the associate with the tablet, after asking me a few questions, she scrolled through products and made recommendations.

Still, I couldn’t help but wonder what was behind the wall at the other side the service counter? As you place your order, within minutes, your product appears from the back room in a drawer with your precious purchase ready for you. I conjured up visions of this back room, in all its splendor, stacked with the little “plain packaging” boxes of product…That back room reminded me of the Wizard of OZ…Someone back there in this discreet room was in charge of dispensing our magical purchases!

I found that the staff was extremely attentive (without being overbearing) and knowledgeable….I had many questions about different oils….and got straight answers to all of my inquiries. I finally settled on a product…and…Voila! Once I had placed my order, It came out of that secretive back room…then it was packaged in a lovely little branded Tweed Bag…along with some literature that was available.

Upon leaving, I was also told that the edibles and beverages are being planned for at this location, hopefully before Christmas, so I look forward to another visit soon to this wonderfully stylish shop!

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